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About Us

Welcome to Health and Beauty Matters!   We have been selling health and beauty products with a focus on natural remedies and organic solutions since 2010.  What started as a home business making a few extra dollars for the family has grown into a busy office employing six people.  

We maintain an excellent eBay reputation and you can visit our eBay store to verify our reputation.  

We are customers just like you and with that in mind we treat you as we like to be treated.

*Your products and sourced from reputable, reliable companies.  We work only with companies and products that we ourselves would use.

 *Your purchases are ALWAYS shipped as soon as possible.  We do not like waiting for our purchases and we know you do not want to wait either. 

*You get answers to your questions and solutions FAST!  You can reach us by phone at 855 578 7477 6 days a week or email us at  We look forward to speaking with you.

*Talk to our staff at anytime by emailing or calling  Reach our buyer by emailing  Thanks for visiting!