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PetAlive - RuniPoo Relief (3 Bottles)

PetAlive - RuniPoo Relief (3 Bottles)

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Three Bottles of RuniPoo Relief, 60 mL each, 180 mL Total

Promotes firm stool formation and healthy bowel functioning, plus soothes the stomach

  • Supports optimal bowel functioning in your pet (for all animals)
  • Maintains healthy, firm stool formation
  • Soothes stomachs
  • Promotes the health of the digestive tract

What is RuniPoo Relief?

RuniPoo Relief is a 100% natural remedy, containing herbal ingredients that have been carefully selected tosupport digestive balancesupport the production of firm stools and maintain healthy bowel functioning.

Presented in easy to administer drops, RuniPoo Relief may simply be mixed with a favorite treat to use when needed.

RuniPoo Relief is also a great complementary remedy to herbal Digestive Support, which maintains healthy digestive functioning in pets. Taken together, RuniPoo Relief and Digestive Support safely soothe and support the stomach and entire digestive tract for healthy, firm stool formation.

Bowel support and the promotion of routine solid waste elimination

The bowel is the lower part of the digestive system. The digestive system processes all the food our animals eat and breaks it down into nutrients for the body.

The digestive system also gets rid of any solid waste matter from the body in the form of feces (stools). The colon stores fecal material and removes fluid from it so that feces are fairly solid and the body does not waste water. The colon breaks down food residues. Several times a day, usually after animals eat, the colon makes some big muscular contractions to dump the fecal material in the rectum beyond it.

The natural way

There is a lot that you can do for your pets to support healthy digestion. Remember to provide a healthy diet that ensures adequate nutrition with enough roughage to promote healthy firm stools. Avoid overly rich foods and do not feed your pets luxury foods like chocolates or candies. Adequate water and exercise will also help to keep bowel movements regular. It is also important to support your pet’s immune system, as this will help the body in its natural task of protecting against all manner of problems and keep healthy bowels functioning normally.

How do I use RuniPoo Relief?

RuniPoo Relief comes in convenient liquid form, and the concentrated drops are easily disguised in your pet's food or a favorite treat.


Mix drops into a small amount of food or a treat 2-3 times daily.

Cats and Dogs under 20 lbs: 2-3 drops
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 5 drops
Dogs over 50 lbs: 0.25 mL

For additional stomach and digestive system support, it is recommended that RuniPoo Relief be used concurrently with Digestive Support, which promotes digestive and gastrointestinal system health in pets.

Get optimum benefits with regular use

The natural ingredients in our remedies support the overall health and functioning in your pet.

Pets respond to natural remedies in different ways. Some pets experience immediate benefits while other pet owners have reported optimal benefits taking effect within 3-6 weeks. It’s important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that a smaller maintenance amount is beneficial for ongoing support. Many pets take a regular maintenance amount for continued health and well-being.


Safety during pregnancy or nursing has not yet been established.

How long until I see benefits?

Results should be noted within the first few servings.

How long does one bottle last?

RuniPoo Relief comes in a 60 mL bottle. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the size of your pet and the frequency of use

How has RuniPoo Relief helped others?

RuniPoo [Relief] is amazing and I can't believe how quickly it worked. I tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars. I love this place and will always take their advice! This RuniPoo [Relief] is amazing!!!!!! Thank you.”

—Sally R., CA, USA

“Thank you! Thank you! RuniPoo Relief saved me a ton of stress, mess and money. My 11 year old cat came down with [issues] in June. My dear friend suggested that I try your website where I located RuniPoo. Within a short 24 hours "Pudding's Poop" was back to normal and has been ever since. This time I'm ordering the triple pack!”

—Donna M., NJ, USA

“After a year of trying to solve my mini poodle's [colon issues], I was at my wit's end. We had tried various foods, Chinese herbs, all to no avail. I saw RuniPoo Relief on the PetAlive website and decided to give it a try. Within a week, her [issues] disappeared. What a lifesaver!”

—Lisa, NY, USA

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