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Freedom Staff SYL-940 Portable Handicap Hand Controls Drive Assist

Freedom Staff SYL-940 Portable Handicap Hand Controls Drive Assist

$ 269.00

Freedom Staff Driving Mobility Kit:  Instantly transforms ANY vehicle into a vehicle that can be driven with just two hands!   

  • Works with every type of vehicle---from a large truck to a small golf cart
  • Can be set up quickly---in a couple of minutes and transferred easily from vehicle to vehicle
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Hand Controls For Disabled Drivers

A system designed with freedom, independence, and mobility in mind.

The Freedom Staff is a complete system developed to help anyone with physical challenges drive safely. It has been designed with all around freedom in mind. With the Freedom Staff any driver can be free from:

  • Expensive permanent installation
  • Being limited to just one vehicle
  • Hard to adapt driving techniques
  • Messy installation for portable units

With the use of hand controls and other adaptive driving aids, many people can take on driving for themselves once more. The Freedom Staff you can enjoy these liberating features:

  • Portability to the max: it can easily go into its small carry bag
  • Adaptability: it’s compatible with any automatic transmission vehicle
  • Quick and Easy Installation: no tools required
  • Safety: adjustable for driving comfort
  • Affordability: priced for accessibility

The Freedom Staff can literally travel with you, from vehicle to vehicle. It can be quickly installed in any automobile with an automatic transmission, no tools necessary. It can even be packed and stowed when not needed.

With low-effort steering, accurate and dependable acceleration and braking, you can now take back your independence.

Go beyond your limits. Adapt. And get on the road to freedom!

The Freedom Staff Is the only Portable Handicap Hand Controls Product that also comes with a steering knob, so you can easily handle the wheel with your right hand while operating the hand control device with your left hand. Unlike some inferior designed products, you do not have to try to control the pedals with your thumb that is very difficult and will fatigue your thumb very fast. This revolutionary design allows you to accelerate by gently pulling the lever toward you and to brake by gently pushing the lever toward the floor. It is so smooth that it's actually easier than driving with pedals. Built with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and convenient carry bag, your freedom staff will be your good friend for life.

Installing the portable Freedom Staff into your vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, is a straightforward operation. It does not require tools or modifications to the vehicle. With practice, you can do it in 2 minutes tops.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Universal - fits most vehicles
  • Has Steering wheel knob for 1-hand steering
  • Installation in minutes with no tools
  • No modifications to your vehicle
  • Great for rental cars, travel anywhere, rent a car, install your freedom staff and go where you please
  • Adjustable and customizable to your preferred length/height and vehicle
  • Folds up 14" and comes with carry bag for easy transport anywhere
  • Aluminum and Stainless steel for non-rust lightweight durability
  • Safety chain so that brake cannot come dislodged
  • Take your freedom back with the Freedom Staff

Detailed Product Specifications:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Stainless hardware
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lightweight 5lbs

In The Box:

  • One control handle assembly
  • One Brake leg assembly
  • One throttle leg assembly
  • One brake clamp assembly
  • One throttle clamp assembly
  • One support strap - adjustable
  • One storage bag
  • Four attachment knobs
  • One spinner knob
  • Extra replacement hardware
  • Instruction Manual

Health and Beauty Matters is an authorized dealer of Freedom Staff products.  We are proud to offer these great mobility aids.  Health and Beauty matters has been serving people on eBay since 2010.  We have excellent feedback and our SUPER PROUD of our customer service.  We are consumers just like you and with that in mind:

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